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Good Smut is an independent erotic publishing house that nurtures definitive and emerging artists. We create work that ignores genre in favor of exploring pleasure, identity, and the unexpected. Completely uninterested in the default (straight) male gaze, our work is more than the tokenized “feminist porn” label and welcomes anyone interested in exploring erotica in all its forms.

Kali Sudhra in the altSHIFT film Mutual Masturbation
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Good Smut is an independent erotic publishing house that nurtures definitive and emerging artists through exclusive collaborations. We create work that ignores genre in favor of exploring pleasure, identity, and the unexpected.

Everyone! If you're a curious first time porn viewer or loud and proud with your love of erotica, our smut is for anyone looking to explore their sexuality and pleasure through beautiful and ethically made erotic art.

Yup! Our work ranges from soft to explicit, and we create porn, guided films and courses, photosets, fiction, and comics that explore erotica.

First and foremost, we're not a "typical" tube site like PornHub, where porn is mass marketed in a digital space that has exploited performers work and bodies since they launched. Instead, Good Smut is an erotic publishing house that puts the artist and performer FIRST, with fair pay, safe sets, and an end result that is consent-informed, ethically made, and hot as hell.

“Feminist porn” in concept is wonderful. Porn and our entertainment should absolutely work to prioritize inclusion and representation, and the title has made some strides in the porn offerings that go beyond tube sites. But we need to do better than this label. We need to honor its conceits; prioritizing women’s pleasure, sex positivity, body and identity diversity, to name a few, but we need to make sure we’re pushing beyond that surface. At Good Smut, we're not making "feminist porn" - we're feminists that make porn. Feminism and sex positivity is already tokenized, and we refuse to use these terms as marketing jargon. It's who we are and the porn we publish is a reflection of that.

Making pornography and erotica a more inclusive space means actively fighting the structures that demean and endanger our profession. It needs to be more than a label and an active, intentional way of creating or engaging with work. Check the label before you buy, and support adult content creators that move beyond the shallow messaging of female empowerment. All our porn will be better off.

"Free" is never free, and that especially goes for porn and sex work. All the porn you consume was made by human beings that deserve safe conditions and a living wage, and paying for the content you consume allows that to be a reality. "Free porn" leads to conditions that exploit performers and crew, adds to the social stigma of sex work, and perpetuates the cycle of expecting those that use their bodies or sexuality in their work to provide their services for free. You would pay to see a horror film, why wouldn't you pay to see a porn film?

Porn categories on other website often use phrasing like "Lesbian Porn" or "Interracial Porn" - descriptors and search keywords that are outright inappropriate, racist, sexist, and just plain not an inclusive way to label a film or clip. We never categorize our work by these outdated phrases and instead organize our work in a more exploratory and open way. We hope the plot, style, talent, and feeling drives you towards a certain work, not an offensive term or assumption.

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Our Story

Hi, I’m Allison V., Founder + Director of this little smutty corner of the internet. I’m a cinephile, cheese enthusiast, and sex-positive advocate.


Good Smut is a labor of love built to provide an alternative to the exploitative tube site culture of online erotica, and I hope you love our work as much as we loved creating it for you.

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