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It's time to re-introduce your body to pleasure.

Trauma can make touch, erotic intention, sensuality and sexuality feel absolutely unapproachable. It can make it difficult to imagine how experiencing touch or even ebbing inside our own bodies can be safe.


PORN for PTSD is an easy-to-follow course with guided films and tools for reconnecting with your erotic, intimate self. To help you re-affirm control and sovereignty within these parts of your being. The parts of you that desire intimate closeness with yourself. The parts that are ready for erotic exploration within the safety of a trauma-informed container. The parts of you that desire more sensuality in the day-to-day.


Written and facilitated by sex educator Almond Linden, each week of this series includes a 10-minute video introducing an erotic exercise built for re-connection, followed by a guided explicit film putting those tools intro practice. These exercises are all designed with the intention of helping to open the door to your eroticism and sensuality after a trauma, no matter where you are in your journey towards reconnecting with yourself and the power of your pleasure. After watching each week’s films you’ll gain access to that week’s printable worksheet and journal pages for continued exploration and to work through how you’re feeling after working through the lesson.


All of these exercises are centered on solo-intimacy so that you can get an embodied sense of what safe erotic connection feels like for you. They can all be shared with other people of course – and we even encourage you to do so when/if you feel good about that – but beginning from a place of solo-intimacy is a potent place for big discovery and a sustainable long-term routine.


We’re here with you along the way, and are so proud to support you <3

5 Weeks of Explicit Video Lessons
Printable Worksheets + Journal Pages
Self-guided + Complete at Your Own Pace
Lifetime Access to Course
Week 1: Heart

Week 1 is a gentle introduction to the format of the lessons. We’re starting with the heart as an access point to the emotional body. When we talk about the heart space, we mean the center and sides of your chest, your breasts (if you use that word) or your lower-chest, your nipples, your upper belly, and even the upper back. When we say the word heart, we’re talking about what you culturally and symbolically understand as the heart.The space of emotions, love, wisdom, compassion, romance and anything else you associate with it.


It’s true that emotions and memories live in all parts of the body. Your toes, your hair, you belly button might hold trauma – which we’ll explore in week 3, the Body lesson. However, the heart is a particularly tender place that holds so much emotion – and a common access point to exploring them.


The Heart lesson includes:

Week 2: Mind

In the first week we survey our emotional selves and our hearts to get an idea of what we need, desire and the landscape of where we’re starting from. Week 2 is a focus on the Mind, and we’re setting the foundation of consent.


We’re focusing on self-consent this week to learn to harness our power. It is possible to build and re-build connection, safety and with consent within our own bodies in a way that can help soothe the effects of trauma in our day-to-day, in our self-relating, and in our relating to other people.


The Mind Lesson includes:

Week 3: Body

In week 3, we explore the body. This whole vessel that holds your heart and mind and your spirit and organs and ideas and passions and desires, and needs and boundaries – this whole thing!


Trauma lives in the body. The effects of trauma appear in the body in thousands of ways – and some of those are sexual. These effects can be amplified when we’re actively exploring sexuality – whether that be sensually, erotically or sexually – alone or with other people. Sexuality is a particularly physical experience, so it makes sense that when sexuality asks us to be present or to be embodied, so many pieces of trauma can become interlaced and interrupt our intention towards self-connection.


The Body lesson includes:

Week 4: Soul

Week 4 is all about planning & experiencing a solo date via the erotic embodiment principles.


Erotic embodiment is a practice of exploring eroticism with oneself, with curiosity, for a set amount of time. Focusing on pleasure in erotic embodiment regularly can expand our brain’s capacity to notice and feel pleasure in the day-to-day.


Pleasure can be hard to access for survivors, so doing this exercise regularly might be supportive for you to start to experience pleasure and to deepen your experiences of pleasure. We are all so so so worthy of pleasure.


The Soul lesson includes:

Full Length Explicit Film

Experience the full course woven together into 1 extended play session. Almond sets up her space the same as she would if inviting over a most precious lover, with time set aside to just be with herself. No expectations, no goals in mind, just a date with pleasure.


Please note that this video is explicit and includes self-pleasuring and masturbating. This bonus film is especially important for us to share with you for a visual idea of what these exercises look like in a realistic, safe setting. We invite you to utilize and experience this film (and the entire course) in whatever way you are most comfortable, should it be as an example to learn from, or as a visual tool during play.


The BONUS lesson includes:

We recommend this course if:
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PORN for PTSD is for all genders, expressions, and abilities.

Almond uses neutral language to describe all exercises during the course.
Meet Almond.

Educator, space holder, filmmaker, and beloved friend of Good Smut, Almond Linden is a sex educator that centers empowerment on erotic embodiment from a trauma-informed, disability-informed lens.

Almond combines approachable instruction with gentle guided touch to facilitate your journey to reconnection in Good Smut’s first course!


Learn more about Almond and her work on her website.

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