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Good Smut is erotica for everyone.

We're a small and scrappy shop founded with the goal of bringing quality erotica to an underserved audience, and to create a safe and affirming a platform for queer, BIPOC, disabled, neurodiverse, and other marginalized artists to produce and share their work.

Our projects ignore genre in favor of exploring pleasure, identity, and the unexpected. We are a woman and queer owned company, but we welcome anyone with an interest in exploring erotica in all its forms to dive into our growing library of smut. We believe in erotica for all, and we're so giddy to share what we've been working on, smutty one.

"These guys really took me by surprise. Their branding is right up my street and the porn is some of the most hot, beautiful & realistic I've seen to date!"
Evie @cliterallythebest
"So much fun to work on such a hot story!"
Daryn Ray
featured cover artist
“The best quality products! I’ve been using this store for years and have never been dissapointed!
Luna Cevar

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